Thursday 22 April 2010

Lack of loons

No lycra clad loons this morning. First shot of the day was a bit odd - there was this woman trundling along in all the gear on a nice bike - with a loaf of bread dangling from the handlebars. Couldn't figure that one out at all.

These comfy step-through bikes with baskets seem to becoming more popular.

And here is number 2!

And that's it. The legs are utterly knackered. I've been extending my rides a bit this week because I'm finding that no sooner am I nicely warmed up than I've reached work or home. I'm adding detours of around 10km simply because I can wind it up beautifully once warmed up. I've been cracking up hills and thumping along the flats, and now I am totally shot. I was almost reduced to bottom gear when going over the ANZAC bridge tonight - that's how shattered I'm feeling.

1 comment:

Richard_H said...

Half your luck BOAB. I'm finding it hard to extend my ride too much now. Will just have to get a bit more creative.

I've started adding a short, sharp climb to the end of my ride 'cos I really need the practice!