Friday 23 April 2010

Friday photos

Another of the new breed of relaxed cyclist heading into town. Sales of these things must be doing well.

Lady in nice, expensive Mercedes chatting on her mobile phone.

When she realised that I was taking her photo, she wound down the window and asked, "Are you right?" I responded, "Can't you afford a car kit?"

She seemed to be quite taken aback at that, as she was driving a flashy set of wheels. It must be awful to be accused of being broke, or cheap when driving something this ritzy. She spluttered and stumbled through an excuse about it being someone else's car - possibly hubby's.

I should have asked if she was too broke to afford a Bluetooth ear piece as well.

Here's my position - if you are going to drive a car (any sort of car), I'd prefer that you keep your eyes on the road, both hands on the wheel and your brain focused on the matter at hand. I don't really want to get run over by an arse-twat who can't go 5 minutes without having a gasbag. Put the phone down, shut your pie hole and focus on the job at hand.

Thank you.

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