Sunday, 27 August 2006

Hells bells, I can bake!

The mud cake finally came out of the oven at half past midnight, after just over double the recommended cooking time. I managed to screw it up by getting confused and thinking that a 12 inch baking tin was the same as a 20 cm baking tin. As a result, instead of a thin, flat cake, e ended up with a big tall fat cake, and it took a lot longer to cook through the middle.

I was pretty sceptical of it when I pulled it out of the oven in the wee hours of the morning. i figured that come morning, the middle would be the consistency of the sauce in chocolate self saucing pudding. Well, it seems to have firmed up overnight and it is just the most amazing mud cake. Plus the mamothly overpowering coffee taste has dispersed somewhat in the cooking, so it no longer tastes like a short black with chocolate sprinkled on top.

I reckon half of it is enough to feed 30 kids.

I hope that the parents of 30 kids are prepared for 30 totally hyper maniacs this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a recipe we got off my mum, but without all the stirring. Lots of coffee and takes forever to cook, but major yum.