Tuesday 7 December 2010

Mark Latham is brilliant

You have to read his entire book review:

In Howes’ world, ideological consistency is a vice while careerist opportunism is a virtue. He claims to have left the Trots because of their suppression of political freedoms and free-thinking. His answer was to join the NSW Right faction of the Labor party.

This conversion, however, has had an unlikely upside. One of the unwritten rules of political activism is that all Trots are ugly. Aesthetically there is something to be said for turning them into faceless men. More than most, Howes has benefitted from this.

Is that an excellent put down, or what?

On things political, I am grinding my way through "Power Crisis", by Rodney Cavalier. It's put me to sleep on the couch at least a dozen times. There are great moments in it, but also huge tranches of zzzzzzzzzzzz......

...where was I? Crikey, there's dried drool all down my chin.

Ah yes, Rodney Cavalier. I worked out what his problem is - he's been around government too long, so he writes in pure, unadulterated bureaucrat. Great slabs of prose have the consistency of porridge. The subject matter is great, but it reads like a Treasury paper on the movements in T-bond rates over the last 3 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

If you are suffering from insomnia and are in to NSW politics, it will do wonders for your sleeping patterns.

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