Friday 15 October 2010

You just can't win

The police have been issued with Tasers because they tend to fatally shoot too many mentally deranged people.

When they use a Taser on someone who is mentally deranged and not cooperating, they cop even more flak.

Crikey moses people - what do you want? Do you want the police shooting loonies or just zapping them? Make up your freaking minds please!

I don't believe policing is supposed to be a fair fight. It's supposed to be an unfair fight - the police should always have more force and violence at their disposal than crooks and neer-do-wells.

Because if the cops go man on man with loonies, they generally end up getting injured - and then the same people that complain about police shootings and zappings complain about the cost of police compensation costs!

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1735099 said...

Soldiers, Coppers, Ambos, Teachers, Nurses.....probably can be grouped as occupations to avoid. Either that, or we send all the plaintiff lawyers across the Pacific to the USL (United States of Litigation) - where the idea originated.
We'd miss the first group - not the second.