Thursday 23 February 2012

Vanilla slice

I love a good vanilla slice.

Funny how different the colour is when you turn the flash off.

This one was expensive - I was walking through the QVB and forked out $4.50 for this one.

It was worth it. But I won't be eating them regularly.


TimT said...

So what's your strategy for dealing with the way the custard has of squeezing out of both sides when you bite into it then?

Do you eat it over a plate, or try and cut it up into manageable bite-size slices beforehand, or just catch it as it falls in your free hands?

cav said...

You call that a vanilla slice?

duncan said...

There's actually a very simple recipe for your own snot blocks.

Bake 2x2-thick puff pasty sheets in the oven.

Get a pack of instant pudding mix, whip with a 750ml bottle of thickened cream.

Spread on one slab of pastry, place other on top. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Its very fancy, and noone will guess how easy it was.

cav said...

Hey Duncan, does this mean your vanilla slice doesn't have vanilla?

Bunyip said...

The best vanilla slices come with passionfruit icing and are found mostly in Queensland, where no social function is complete without a tray of curried egg sandwiches.