Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday photos

Crap in a sock - it's February already. And we've still only had one sunny day of summer. Our "summer" days are either gloomy and wet or grey and wet.

The camera isn't getting used much as it tends to get wet when it rains, and that means photos with big raindrop smudges on the lens.

I like the way the trees are rushing past me here.

Not a good look - this guy has "lack of mud flap bum" - ie, a big wet stripe up his arse where the water has flicked off his rear wheel.

10 seconds after taking that Opera House photo up the top, the back wheel started going wobbly - I'd clearly punctured. Nothing like sitting on the side of the road early in the morning and changing a tube.

It was a big lump of glass - for a bike tyre.

I wasn't the only one with mechanical troubles - this bus had broken down and was getting some help from the bloke in the white bus maintenance van.

These little buggers have kept me away from the computer of late. I stupidly planted cherry tomatoes, which means I am getting heaps and heaps of small tomatoes. They're great for snacking on, but a pain if you want to roast them. I've been collecting over 2kg per day since we got back, and as that's too many to eat, I've been roasting them and turning them into a sort of chunky sauce. The time consuming part is chopping them in half and pushing the seeds out with your thumb. 2kg of cherry tomatoes equals hundreds of tomato halves to de-seed.

And then you just chop up some garlic and basil, add olive oil and salt, and roast for half an hour. It's great with sausages, and will probably go well on pasta. I guess we'll be sick to death of it in a week or two, and I will never plant tomatoes again.


Dakingisdead said...

Lucky bugger!

My tomatoes, and eggplants are struggling to set any sort of fruit because it has been too damn hot in Perth. Plenty flowers but with the heat they just fall off!

cav said...

You have my address I'll expect some in the mail

kae said...

I grew cherry toms in Melbourne in the 90s. A bumper crop. Everyone raved about the tomato sauce I made with them.

Well, ex did.

He didn't realise the secret soil additive was 48 pee....

kae said...

(48 was my dog)

kae said...

Pumpkin was a bought one, in case you're wonderin'.