Monday 27 February 2012


Best sunrise so far this year. The bloke in the left hand corner had ridden  his bike down to the Bay to photograph it. He just sat there taking photo after photo whilst I tried to keep my hand steady enough to get a shot that wasn't blurred to buggery.

I tonked along behind this bloke for a while, mainly because he looked absolutely buggered. He had a competition number still stuck under his saddle, so I figured he must have been riding home from an early morning race. He was totally wrecked - barely able to maintain my warm up pace. But check out the definition in his calves - I reckon he would eat me alive if he wasn't utterly knackered.

These two blokes from the LACC also showed me a thing or two about being fit and strong - first hill we came to, they left me for dead. Bastards.

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cav said...

I like the top image and you know I like saddlebags.

Where are they?