Friday 17 February 2012

Tuesday photos

White Bay power station smoke stacks
The smoke stacks of the old White Bay power station in Balmain, silhouetted against the dawn sky. Notice how skinny the stacks are? And there's no cooling tower like a modern power station. Those stacks used to pump out good old CO2 and soot and ash, and maybe a touch of steam. Funnily enough, this dreadfully polluting power station was originally built to power Sydney's electrified tram and rail network (which is usually seen by Greens as being a Nirvana compared to the motor car).

Check out the surreal colours of the city in the early light.

I just about smashed into this couple as I passed - they were incapable of riding two abreast without swerving around a bit and occupying both sides of the bike lane.

And now for some different - sunset.

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