Wednesday 13 January 2010

Traffic jams of a new sort

Heading home this evening, I got stuck in a new phenomena for me - the bicycle traffic jam. Due to the vagaries and vicissitudes of traffic light phasing, packs of a dozen or more bikes quickly form during the evening peak hour as we head out of town. The pack dissolves once we hit the ANZAC bridge - the speedy fellows take off, and the stragglers dawdle across well behind.

14 bikes, and not one of them jumped the red light. That is something else I've never seen before!

An office-type worker heading into the city. Nice elastic sided boots!

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Richard_H said...

The Coronation Drive bike path is getting just as bad. There's "roadwork" all along it and that's making bottlenecks. That and we share with pedestrians. Makes things pretty cosy.