Wednesday 6 January 2010

3 silly people

The press has been full of road safety issues this week after a horror run of crashes and deaths on NSW roads over the Christmas break. Imagine my surprise then when I was toodling down Lilyfield Rd this morning when I spotted 3 pedestrians up ahead trying to zip across the road between fast moving cars. I saw them long before the video camera picked them up - they would step out, see a car coming, step back; step forward when it had passed, see another car coming and then step back again. Yet less than 50 metres down the hill, there is a safe pedestrian crossing. Why did they decide to cross here rather than just down the road where cars would stop for them?

I know the video is a bit grainy, but see if you can identify the nature of the employment of these three pedestrians.

Hint: blue uniforms and sidearms should help.

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1735099 said...

Both my father and my sister were struck by vehicles at different times and both had long stays in hospital as a result. There's obviously an incompetent road-crossing gene in our DNA.
As a consequence, we drilled into our kids the absolute necessity of using pedestrian crossings.
The downside was that they all get very twitchy if they see me crossing anywhere else, even when there is no traffic whatsoever.