Friday 15 January 2010

Suffer in your jocks

There is a street on my way into work where I always have problems with impatient drivers. They either fail to give way to me at the lights, or they overtake when it's unsafe to do so. The street is narrow thanks to cars parked on both sides, and I always take a wide line in order to see residents pulling out of their driveways.

As I was heading down the road this morning, I spotted a prang about 100 metres up ahead. Just after I saw it, a cop started crossing the road - he's marked in red in the first photo.

So I didn't hammer it down the hill as usual - I took it easy. The dickhead behind me wasn't looking that far ahead - he beeped at me and roared past. About a second after he got in front, he slammed on the brakes after spotting the cops, smashed cars and the tow truck. You can see a tow truck on the right in the next photo.

And then there is the cop car. Driver of BB 77 HV - you are a pinhead.

And here's a clip to go with it. Just look how far ahead of me dickhead was when we reached the roundabout at the bottom of the hill. I hope it was worth all the honking and aggravation. Boy, how I wish the cop crossing the road had seen his maneuverer, and pulled him over for a good talking to.

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