Sunday 24 January 2010

No, he needs to be in prison

From the SMH today:

Corporate regulators have launched an inquiry after a year 8 student engineered a $200,000 money laundering scam through some of Australia's leading banks.

The boy, 17, from the NSW South Coast, who cannot be named for legal reasons, obtained dozens of bank accounts and debit cards to aid a three-year crime spree. When his mother begged the banks to ban him, they ignored her or refused to discuss it.

In 2008, the teen was charged with eight counts of fraud. While on bail, he reoffended 10 times. Yet to this day he has served only a week in detention. His mother feared the only way to stop him was to contact all the banks.

What my son needs right now is a psychologist - and for the banks to accept liability.'

Sorry lady, your son needs to be locked up.


1735099 said...

And his parents...What were they doing?
BTW, 17 makes him a relatively elderly year 8 student - or has it taken years for the case to go through?

Boy on a bike said...

The first thing I observed was his age and year in school. Then J picked up it straight away. It seems pretty obvious to some, but perhaps not the SMH....