Monday, 18 January 2010

Guilty, and he knew it too

If there is one thing more annoying than a taxi being driven erratically or aggressively it's a taxi stopped in a very silly place. Like good old T 3212 here, stopped this morning in the No Stopping zone at the bottom of the ANZAC Bridge pedestrian/bike ramp. Taxis do this from time to time - even though the council has taken the trouble to paint a solid yellow line along the kerb to make it stunningly bleedingly obvious to anyone but the totally visually impaired that you are not to stop a car here.

There is a driveway just up the path a bit where you can still get off the path, but taking that route sometimes means dicing with residents who are tearing out of their underground car park. If the RTA and council wanted us to use the bloody car park ramp, the wouldn't have bothered building a ramp in this exact spot specifically for cyclists wanting to get onto the bridge.

It's not unknown for very peeved cyclists to slap the panel of taxis parked in this very spot. That of course only infuriates the drivers who feel that they have a God-given right to stop wherever they like, regardless of how inconvenient and dangerous their chosen spot turns out to be.

As the taxi is stopped on a steep hill that leads down to the Fish Markets and then the harbour, my preference would be to cut the brake lines and let gravity take its inexorable course.

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