Sunday, 17 January 2010

Not a good day to be on two wheels

Two wheels of the motorised kind that is.

Whilst going on a shopping trip, I spotted an entire fleet of emergency vehicles parked on an on-ramp to the Gladesville Bridge. There must have been three ambulances and 4 or 5 Police cars. All I could see was one motorbike on its side. No sign of any other mangled vehicles. Either that motorbike was carrying 6 passengers, or the other vehicles involved were lost in a sea of flashing lights.

We came back a different way, which involved crossing the Harbour Bridge instead. One lane was blocked due to a crash, and as we went past a tow truck, I saw it was being loaded with a scooter. Again, no sign of any bingled cars in the vicinity.

Maybe it was a good day to be on two wheels, and a bad day to be coming off them.

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