Monday 4 January 2010

I exist

Had a wonderful Christmas break - an e-free existence if you like. I didn't lay hands on a computer for 11 days, used a phone once and saw about an hour of TV in total. Managed to read a few books, drive a lot of miles and spend heaps of time with the family.

Back at work. It's going to be a sloooow week. 90% of the company is still on leave. If things had gone better just before Christmas, I'd be part of that 90%. I have a week to clean up unresolved crap.

Some bastard nicked my bar of soap from the showers over the holidays, so I had to wash this morning with that nasty hand cleaner that you find in office bathrooms. I smell like a cross between a toilet lolly and chamomile. I am so thankful I am the only one at work in my particular area.

1 comment:

kae said...

You smell like a cross between a toilet lolly and chamomile? Don't worry. When your skin starts to fall off the smell will go with it...