Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday photos

I have been feeling a bit flat of late - the Christmas break seems to have sucked the life out of my muse. I have therefore had to fall back on posting photos of other cyclists.

A fold up bike - a very nifty design. I see a few of these every week. The engineering on them is quite marvelous, and they zip along much faster than I ever expected. The price tags on the good ones are pretty hefty though.

The other end of the spectrum - the Simple Cyclist. He had a very basic bike, and no flash riding gear, but he still made good progress. It's not about the bike....

Big panniers, and cable ties attached to her helmet (they don't show up in this photo). I guess she rides through an area full of dive bombing magpies.

Something I don't see too often - a line of bikes taking the back route into The Rocks. There was another guy up front (masked by the bloke on the left) and another behind me. Have people been making New Year's resolutions to ride?

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