Wednesday 18 November 2009

Think quick

A short clip - 2 seconds. This shows how little time you have to react when some dill throws their door open in front of you.

This is why I always ride at least a metre out from the line of cars. Some motorists don't like it, because it makes me harder to pass. My response is this - if I could rely on 100% of you to not try and kill me with your doors, I'd hug the cars. But I can't, so in order to protect myself, I have to put a buffer between me and your stupidity.

This driver was a classic. As I went by, I noticed that he had been talking on his phone, and was fiddling with papers on the passenger seat. His head was down, and he was looking at the passenger seat. He flicked the door latch, then kicked the door open with his foot - all the while as he was looking anywhere but behind and to his right.

I really should have stopped and slammed the door on his leg.

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