Thursday 5 November 2009


How quick can an old guy move? Well, I can do a short burst of 50km/h on my own, and that's about it - enough to hold my own in traffic until the legs expire. It helps when you have a short downhill that allows a rapid build up of speed.

It's always fun to go past a Porsche on this section.

I usually catch out a gaggle of jaywalking pedestrians on this section each morning - they seem to be completely incapable of judging how fast a bike is moving, or their brains can't comprehend that the bloke pedalling their way is doing the speed limit. They step out in front of bikes like zombies, unaware that if I can't swerve around them, my only option is to go through them over over them. It's not like I am a skinny little sod either - I am just over half a metre across the shoulders, so squeezing through little gaps is not my forte.

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