Monday 16 November 2009


Monday. A day when the muscles are rested and the body is feeling good after a weekend of naps, nanna naps and afternoon sleepy-sleeps. Monday is the only day of the week when I feel like this. From here, it is all downhill. Well, actually the body starts to feel more and more wretched because of all the uphill. If I was only coasting downhill to and from work, I'd be feeling as fit as a fiddle all the way to Friday.

So we start another short series of comments on cyclists seen out and about today.

I don't get the riding in sandals thing. I guess it is ok for short distances, but the soles are not stiff enough for laying down the power when required. Bike shoes hardly flex at all, so when you push your leg down, all the power goes through your foot and then the shoe and then to the pedal and that makes the cranks go round and round that much faster.

Nice pair of knicks. These ones read "Army Navy Air Force", and as is right and proper, the Air Farce gets the bottom slot, right next to the bung hole.

What? That's not a bicycle. Damn right. I passed three of these things in quick succession this morning. All of them stunk to high heaven. That's part of the downside of riding - you get lots of air, fresh and foul.

I also went past my 3rd random breath test in 3 days. Tomorrow, I should stop at the pub on the corner, order a pint, tip it over my head and then ride past the cops at the RBT as close as a I can and see if any sniff me and start chasing me going, "Oi, pull over".

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Richard_H said...

Garbage trucks, or trucks of any description give me the heebie geebies when I'm on 2 wheels....