Thursday, 30 April 2009

Why do so many people baulk at buying a car kit?

What is it with people that buy an expensive car and an expensive mobile phone, yet have a mental block when it comes to putting in a car kit for the phone?

I see so many wankers in very new cars from BMW, Mercedes and Lexus who are tooling along with a phone glued to their ear. If you can afford $100,000 for the car, you can afford a few hundred for hands free.

I was stuck in a narrow street this morning behind a wally who was having a really hard time parking their late model Lexus. They reversed in (badly), drove out (badly), reversed in again (incompetently) and repeated this process enough times to start my blood pressure rising. Not only were they backing in and reversing in a manner that suggested that they had parkinson's disease, they were doing so very, very slooooowly.

I calmed down when I thought, "Must be a granny. Give the granny a break."

The car finally made it into the spot, and I drove past. At the wheel was a woman in her 20's, with phone glued to ear. She had been attempting to turn the wheel with one hand, which explained the crapulent motions of her car.

Very, very annoying.


1735099 said...

It's incomprehensible - especially given that you can buy something like a Supertooth that you can move from car to car.

M said...

Yep, I should get me one of those ... (but of course I *never* use the phone in the car)

kae said...

I have blue ant which cost $99 from tricky dickie on spesh. Attaches to the visor. Blue tooth. Excellent.

kae said...

Looking at our cute pix, Oh My Goodness M, your toes are blocked!
That must've hurted.

Larry Sheldon said...

I have a "car kit" in my car. As does my wife in hers.

They have been there for a number of years.

They got replaced every time we had to get new phones.

They more than double the price of the phones.

We don't try keep up any more.

Minicapt said...