Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Who wants whom to fail?

Crap, it's been raining hard for days, and I have been cooped up indoors unable to ride. I've had to do other horrible things, like go to work.

If I can't write about riding, I'll have to write about politics.

I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts this morning (I'm 1-2 weeks behind, as usual) and there was a story on how Rush Limbaugh said he wants Obama to fail. Yes, yes - that's old news. I also heard the whole clip, so I know the context.

Big deal.

Ponder this. If you think Limbaugh was out of line, go and find me one raving lefty pinko who didn't spend the entire Bush presidency wanting him to fall flat on his face. Or for Howard to uterlly fail. Not only did they want Bush to fail, they wanted him to fail so badly, they were prepared to undermine the efforts of the US military to win in Iraq and Afghanistan (which is now a "good war" according to Obama). Go and interview 50 morons from Code Pink and see if any of them will admit to not trying to undermine and destroy Bush, Cheney and all that mob.

And so what if they were? It's a free country, and the US (thankfully) still has freedom of speech. Those stupid, deluded, lying, fuck-faced pigs can say what they like about their government, and that is all right with me (and as you can see, I'll toss it right back at them).

In that case, why is it so horrid for Limbaugh and his ilk to not want Obama's policies to succeed? I think his policies suck big time. Krudd's policies suck as well. Gordon Brown's are even worse. Apart from hoping that Krudd chokes on a ball of earwax, I don't personally wish him any harm - but I hope his policies fail to gain any traction, that they are so badly implemented that they don't destroy our economy and society, and that he leads the Labor party to utter political oblivion at the next election. I hope he goes down harder than Gough.

For fuck's sake, how did it suddenly become racist to denounce the useless policies of a white marxist with an Africa father? Are we now banned from hoping that any lefty "leader of colour" will fail? Does this mean it is now racist to hope that Bob Mugabe's fails in his latest attempts to utterly bum-fuck Zimbabwe?

Seriously, the sooner we find ourselves a lenth of railway track, a bucket of hot tar and a feather pillow for these clowns, the better off we'll all be.


Conchscooter said...

It astonishes me to read your rant and to realise that you think the answer to our economic mess is a political one. (Africa is a continent, President Obama's father was Kenyan and he is no more a Marxist than you or me). As long as our leaders can manipulate us into thinking that this issue is a party political problem they win and you and I lose. We need to find ways to make our voices heard, from left and right, on solutions that benefit the nation, not the banksters. Racism, abortion rights, religion, second amendment, all those things are distractions that allow our leaders from both wings to steal from us all to feed the 400 people who own 22% of the wealth in the US. Focus on that and leave Limbaugh, Marx, Mugabe and Obama out of the problem. Focus on following the money to prevent the US from becoming a banana republic.

Boy on a bike said...

Me, I'm an aspirational fellow. I want to be one of those 400 that owns 22% of the wealth (although the numbers are a bit different in Australia). I won't get there, but I'm glad I live in a society where I have the opportunity to work hard, take risks and get gloriously rich if it all works out.

And I want it to stay that way. If you succeed, you succeed. If you fail, you fail. If you are a loser who does nothing and then expects to live off the sweat of my labour - fuck you.

Capitalism has been good to us. Let's not ditch it the moment things get a bit rocky. We'll get through it, so harden the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Whoo yeah! Amen and amen brother.