Thursday, 30 April 2009

Exporting dead gangsters

Interesting twist in the story of the crim who was shot dead over the weekend:

Hilel Merhi, a 26-year-old with an extensive criminal record, was shot dead at a 21st party on Saturday night.

Merhi was an associate of one of the western Sydney chapters of the Rebels Motorcycle Club, and spent more than two years in jail after committing several armed robberies in late 2003. He served a second stint in jail recently for driving offences.

Only two years (!!!) for several armed robberies? How about adding another zero for offenses like that.

His funeral was on Tuesday, but his body will be buried in Lebanon.
Home is where the heart is. The guy was 26, and may I assume that he was born in Australia? if so, why the need for burial in Lebanon? Why are we letting people in who have so little connection to this country and to our society? If you aren't prepared to be buried here, don't bother living here.

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