Friday, 3 April 2009

Don't they know the US has a black president?

What are all those anarchists and other assorted rent-a-protest protesters at the G-20 thinking? Don't they know that the election of Obama cleansed the world and will he will heal global warming and remake America and so on? The election of Obama starts a new era of caring and sharing (especially of wealth) and the introduction of the insane socialists agenda that most of these fuckwits are mouthing. Even if they don't understand what they are talking about.

What have they got to protest about? Bush is gone. Blair is gone. Howard is gone.

After all, Obama is really just one of them. Except he wears a better suit, and his teleprompter isn't telling him to scream "Fuck the police" at each press conference. He was "fortunate" enough that someone showed him early on that instead of smashing windows and chanting slogans, you could get rich and powerful by putting on a suit and robbing banks legally, rather than tossing things through their front windows.

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