Monday, 6 April 2009

More thoughts on Kevin's dummy spit

From time to time, I have been dudded in cafes and restaurants by being served something that I did not ask for. Just last month, I had a snack on the homeward leg of a ride out west, and I specifically asked for my meal not to include chips.

My meal came with chips. I ate a few of them (just to see if they were any good or not), and left the rest on the plate (they really weren't that good, and I didn't want a stuffed gut for the remaining 10km cycle leg). When I went to pay, the cashier noticed that I had not ordered chips, and deleted them from the bill.

Did I throw a tanty?


Did I abuse the waitress who delivered them?


Did I go back there for a feed on another day?

Yes. And it still wasn't that good. But that is another problem.

The thing is, I was paying for the meal myself - and yet I didn't get mad about it. These things happen. Besides, you've got to have a really thick hide to make an issue of something as trivial as that in public. How many people have the gall to stand up and start yelling at a waiter in a restaurant because they didn't get what they ordered?

And that should be the measure of this event - would he have done the same thing in public? If not, then it's inexcusable behaviour to treat someone this way out of the gaze of the public.

To cap it off, we, the taxpayers, were paying for the food and service. If he took his wife out for dinner and was dudded, and he was paying for it, then I could understand him being less than impressed. But he wasn't even paying for it - you and I paid for it. I find that to be the final insult.

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Col. Milquetoast said...

I'd love to be on a plane with him to tell him that if he didn't manage to provoke the stewardess into spitting on his food then I'd be willing to do it.