Sunday, 5 April 2009

To ride! To ride!

I'm sitting here just before 6am, having been up for nearly an hour, waiting for the sun to make an appearance over the horizon. I am stiff as a board, and need to ride to loosen up. Almost all yesterday was spent in bed with a stinking flu-induced headache, and all my muscles have locked up due to inactivity. My lower back is as unyielding as a plank of hardwood. I think the headache might have more to do with tight muscles in my neck and shoulders than the flu, which is why I need a bit of physical activity to take the strain out of them.

However, I clearly still have the flu (rough throat and an unpleasant feeling in the bowels), so going for a long ride is out of the question. I'm talking more about a quick lap around some of the local sights and a studious avoidance of anything that looks like a hill.

The bike is ready for this. I needed to do something yesterday - anything - and washing the bike seemed like as good a task as any other. It now sits outside, gleaming in the last traces of moonlight, waiting for me to do a final check on the air pressure before putting a few miles on the clock.

Ah, I can now clearly see the house next door. That means it's time to get dressed and fill the drink bottles.

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