Monday 27 April 2009

Art in two parts

More Monkey photography - it's no use trying to guess what this is, as I have no idea what it is. It does however look very good when blown up on a big screen. I call it "Narrative of the oppressed" - a paean to taxpayers everywhere.

The 2nd bit of art - feast your eyes on that landspeeder. The Star Wars exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum is now closed, so any geeks in Sydney that missed it..... missed out.

And yes, the place was full of nerds dressed as their favourite character. Monkey learned a new word - "geek". I was showing him the photos that we took and when one came up of a rebel pilot and two people in brown robes carrying light sabres, he said "What are they, Daddy?"

You can guess the rest.

They'll just have to go back to their Lego:

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TimT said...

Who was the sick bastard who decided to make Lego models of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard?