Monday, 26 January 2009

Tanned monkey feet

The Good Weekend section in the SMH this weekend ran a great story on migrant kids, and why they came to Australia and what they thought of living here. Although I like to mercilessly bag the SMH, I will give them a big thumbs up for that story. It was very, very good. Unfortunately, it is not available on line, so if you want to read it, you'll have to throw some money at Fairfax.

Somewhere in all that, there was a line about Australian's having beautifully tanned feet, and what a wonderful thing that is. In that vein, I present to you some partly tanned Monkey feet. As you can see from the brown toes and white stripes, he is very fond of wearing his Wiggles sandals.


kae said...

I got tanned feet when I visited a friend in Darwin in 1982. I used to walk her little boy to the pre-school on the RAAF base every morning, and pick him up at 11:30am. Walking, of course. It wasn't far.

I also recall wearing some really nice indian thong/sandal thingies which were made of leather which had been oiled. When you took them off and your feet copped the sun you'd get a burn mark across the top of your foot where the oiled bit sat.

Those were the days!

Anonymous said...

I took it as a sign of a successful holiday that I found myself with tan lines on my feet this January.


Anonymous said...


I thought your were a Sandgroper?

How old is BOABjnr? From the feet looks like about 2. Razor jnr is 20 months and mad on the the Woo (Wiggles) and wears his Woo thongs all the time, too.



Boy on a bike said...

ex-sandgroper. But you can take the boy out of WA, but not WA out of the boy.

Monkey is 3 and a bit. Old enough to want to "watch nook-nook on the computer" (watch Pingu on my PC).