Thursday, 1 January 2009

I can predict the future

From The Times this morning

Hamas has unveiled an arsenal of missiles capable of penetrating more than 30 miles into Israel, forcing the country’s home front command to expand its rocket-warning system.

Israeli officials confirmed today that Hamas was firing 122mm Grad artillery rockets at southern Israeli communities. The rockets, which are manufactured in more than 50 countries and widely available on the black market, have hit targets several southern Israeli cities.

“These are the longest-range rockets that have been fired to date as far as we are concerned,” said Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

Palestinian militants had previously fired Qassam rockets, which are crudely assembled out of materials available in Gaza, and have a range of 10-12km.

Interesting to see the difference in the headlines for this story between the Times and the SMH:

Times - Hamas unveils arsenal of long-range missiles

SMH - Israel rules out temporary ceasefire in Gaza

The Times story is all about telling us, the reader, that Hamas are bombarding Israel with longer ranger and deadlier military-grade rockets.

According to the SMH, this fight is all the fault of Israel.

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Patrick said...

But we're sure they'll just be harmless little firecrackers like everything else those Pali kids have been playing with, as Lowenstein keeps telling us.

Hopefully Antony will write his next anti-Israel novel from Sderot where he can show all those Jooz how brave he is standing up to the little bottle crackers.