Friday, 30 January 2009

Not putting your global warming money where your mouth is

Don't you just hate people that ponce around making statements about global warming, how terrible it will be for us and how we all have to take action now - and then they do fuck-all themselves?

Here is an illustration of a council beclowning itself - a cycle path beside the Parramatta River. The concrete is very new and shiny - this has been laid in the last year or so. It's definitely been laid after Algore started boring or scaring the pants off the rest of us.

The council that built this is very concerned about global warming, and has adopted a strategy to fight it. Yet look what happens during a high tide - the path floods. To the left of this path are lots of low-lying playing fields and the like.

If the council was that worried about a rise in sea levels and so on, why didn't it spend a bit of money building this path on a berm 2 or 3 feet high?

Idiots, with a capital "I".

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