Sunday, 11 January 2009

Bureaucrats nobble numbers to get their way

This piece, posted over at the Devil's Kitchen, is worth a read as it uncovers the kind of things our bureaucrats and political policy advisors will do in order to get their way.

Implementing their agenda is more important than getting things right.

In this case, whole swags of information were ignored in order to make a case for tightening up on cigarette sales. [As an aside, I remember buying cigarettes in the country town that I grew up in at age 7 - I used to smoke them in some bush near home, until Mum busted me and another kid soon after we took it up].

I personally believe that global warming is a crock. But the same methods will be used by those in power to push their personal beliefs on us.

When I see what I think is a problem, I try to study all the facts, determine what the actual problem is (not just the percieved problem) and then develop a solution that will deal with the actual underlying problem. Sometimes you find there isn't really a problem, or there is one, but no real solution. Not an effective one anyway.

These clowns on the other hand have made up their minds as to what the problem is, and its remedy, before all the facts are in. Any information that is presented that disagrees with either the problem or the remedy is simply discarded.

That has to be watched for, and guarded against. Bloggers might rant and rave a lot, but they have a lot to rant and rave about.

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