Saturday, 10 January 2009

Quick daily musings

The issue of teachers not being allowed to use red pens when marking children's work has raised its ugly head in the UK. Even a UK Labor MP has come out against the looney left. (Via the always excellent, and usually nasty, Devil's Kitchen).

I went mad with the thesaurus in the comment I left:

In my humble opinion, exam performance is most closely correlated with the amount of effort put in by the student - paying attention in class, doing their homework and assignments and putting in extra hours of study on weekends and in the evenings.

ie, those that sweat are those that achieve.

If anything, you may find a correlation between social status and the amount of extra work that parents make their children undertake.

When you say, “Get a grip and remember who you’re supposed to be representing.”, I took that as implying that Tom is supposed to be representing the lazy, the slothful, the apathetic, the careless, the idle, the indifferent, the indolent, the loafers, the neglectful, the supine, the tardy, the unindustrious and the hebeteudinous.

Hebeteudinous - never used that word before. Didn't even know it existed.

Regular readers would know that I often rail against the ineptitude of our modern media. Seems I ma not the only one. Confederate Yankee has busted Hamas for faking a video of the death of a Palestinian child in Gaza, which was taken up by CNN. (Via Blackfive).

Having viewed the footage and read the notes, I have only one comment to make - no one is shown holding up the remains of the "missile" that supposedly killed this kid. From what I have seen, when a missile hits a target, there is always something left of the missile - part of the body, or the rocket motor. It doesn't disintegrate into a billion atoms - sometimes, most of the body of missile may survive the explosion. If a missile hit the rooftop in question, they would have found the remains of it by now, and shown it on TV (I remember something similar being paraded around during the Bosnian campaign, after a missile hit a market and killed a bunch of shoppers).

The rioters in Rosemeadow are now complaining that "boredom is the real problem".

My answer - if you are over 14 years and 9 months of age, get a job. If you are of school age, go to school and study. If you are able bodied, play some sport.

These people shit me to tears.

Oil falls below $US40 a barrel. This was accompanied by the worst annual job losses in the US since WWII.

People are travelling less, manufacturers are slashing production and there are job cuts across almost every sector of the economy, leading to a severe drop-off in energy use.

What's the problem? This is exactly what Al Gore and his cohorts want to happen. Think of the drop in CO2 output this will engender.

The always excellent (and now quite beautiful) Margo's Maid points us to the fact that Climate change is more than abstract idea.

I thought that should read, "Climate change is more than an abstract idea", but who am I to sub-edit the SMH?

The author, Tanveer Ahmed, who is clearly an educated idiot, should read Cool It by Bjorn Lomburg.

The article is a mish-mash of the most profound stupidity. Since I promised to make my musings today "quick", I will not go through it in detail. Just read it, and weep at the garbage Fairfax is publishing. Then wonder no more why they are going broke.

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