Sunday 25 January 2009

Act now on climate change - torch this car

Don't you love the type of person who wants action on climate change, but drives around in an old, carbon spewing behemoth?

Yes, that's what the sticker on the bumper says.

I can accept that kind of wishful thinking from someone that has made a personal sacrifice and wasted money on a Pious, or downsized to a Coke can on wheels that drinks fuel by the thimblefull. I'd even partly accept it if they were driving a 2008 model Commodore, since the latest models are the cleanest of the lot. But this - this is just rank. I've been stuck behind combies being driven by hippies (with "save the planet" stickers all over the back) that put our more pollution than the East German chemical industry, and this is almost as bad.

I can quickly solve the CO2 output for this person - a bag of sugar in the fuel tank will ensure this Commodore never again sullies the sweet gases of gaia.

(Photographed from my bicycle, not my 4WD).

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