Friday, 7 November 2008

Who will be the first in the new administration to blame the VRWC for their problems?

Anyone want to place a bet?

I reckon it will be Mrs Obomber.

The moonbats will claim that Bush has spent 8 years secretly funding the VRWC from black military programs, creating a.... well, an even vaster vast right wing conspiracy. Funds that were allocated for Iraq went "missing" and ended up in the hands of the VRWC, where it will be used to destabilise the Obomber regime.

For instance, it will be used to ensure that disreputable former terrorists are put into plum positions in the new administration, that racist, Jew-hating preachers are promoted as spiritual consultants, and that crooked and corrupt front-organisations are used as conduits to convey his message to "the streets".

All that will cost approximately 15 cents to setup.

The remaining $100 billion will be spent on beer, cigars and lap dancing to rouse the flagging spirits of the VRWC committee, as they sit out the next 4 years in their secret underground bunker, in an undisclosed location.


kae said...

Er, squeeze me, Mr Boy.

Lap dancing?

What about me?

kae said...

or has someone got something planned for others of us RWDBs?

(psst, headline, you got the W upside down.)

Boy on a bike said...


You've never heard of the vast right mungbean conspiracy?

kae said...


er, nope.

Should I have?