Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Environmentalists drive a Prius - right?

Nothing unusual about the photo below, you say. Four people launching a boat at a boatramp, with their chosen vehicle being a Nissan Patrol (diesel version).

But this was taken in the inner west, just around the corner from Balmain and that hotbed of greenism and anti-4WD-ism, Leichhardt. And what is that logo on the door? OMG! It's the Department of the Environment! I guess they were off to take some water samples from the harbour.

Personally, I am glad that we have public servants who are sensible enough to want to have a 4WD for lugging around four people plus towing a boat and carrying all their equipment. Can you imagine trying to tow a boat with a Prius? It must be hard for some people to accept that there is a place for the 4WD in the city, and that it can be a very useful beastie.

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