Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Microsoft up to their old tricks?

I have been having terrible trouble with my PC for the last week or so - Outlook would open one message, then lock up. iTunes simply refused to open at all. It wouldn't shut down properly, leaving me no option but to yank the power cable out.

I bit the bullet today and uninstalled the last update, which was installed on 3 Nov. Suddenly, iTunes opens straight away.

Are they gearing up for another war with Apple?


mikemathew said...

Maybe you should have posted something about it and shared your knowledge with everyone here. Not everyone reads Slashdot, not everyone has time to read everything published on the net. I try and filter and disseminate what I think is important to any given group and then share the knowledge and not keep it to myself. Why come to the forums if you aren't going to offer your opinion, try and get to know people, are you just going to lurk all the time and just react to people. I piss a lot of people off because I'm opinionated it's who I'm. I'm not afraid to put it out there. But it's always in good natured and never mean.
Have you even started a thread here one. I don't know what you do at the other DC groups but a quick search revels absolutely nothing in the way of trying to share and disseminate knowledge. It's more like you "just enjoy talking out your ass" and getting on people.




Dylan said...

Wow...that's a fairly random comment.

Are you running AVG security/virus protection? Apparantly the latest update (automatically each morning) is screwing with XP as the program thinks an essential file is actually a trojan.

Boy on a bike said...