Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Do lefties still think the US is stupid?

In my short lifetime, whenever the yanks have had a Republican President, the lefties here spend 4 or 8 years (or 12 years) calling Americans the stupidest people on earth, or the fattest, stupidest people on earth.

If you don't believe me, read a few Philip Adams columns from the Reagan or Bush years. Whenever a Republican is in charge, American culture is repugnant and must be kept at bay. The American people are too thick to tie their own shoelaces. Their system of government is corrupt and greedy and driven by the interests of "big business".

I haven't been able to get through an entire column of Adam's since Bush Snr took over from Reagan, and I'm not about to start reading the fat, smug, fat-head again now. But I will be interested to know if he is whistling a different tune now that the Osmuga will be taking over in January.

Adams must work on the principle that at election time, giant alien invisible space lizards descend on America and perform 300 million brain transplants, removing stupid brains with repugnant personalities and replacing them with smart brains with likeable, UN loving personalities. An entire country can't go from being stupid to smart in one day without one or more of the following things happening:

  • everyone with a low IQ dying, leaving the country, or having their low-IQ brain swapped out by a giant alien space lizard
  • tens of millions of people with a genius level IQ moving into the country, or again, another giant alien space lizard brain swap
An election that goes one way does not suddenly add 10 points to the IQ of everyone in the country.

On point one, I think we'd notice if 30 million people suddenly disappeared. Unless you believe that Hurricane Katrina was a trial run organised by Halliburton, with the inclement weather being organised by giant alien space lizards. As for the brain swap-out thingy, I have been listening to podcasts of talk radio from the US both pre- and post-election, and the leftie callers have not been noticeably smarter after the election. They've been as smug as a smug-filled smuggle-buggle, but still dumb as a box of hammers. As for lots of low-IQ people leaving the country, lefties always threaten to go to Canada when the Republicans win, but I don't remember Canada reporting a sudden dumbing-down of their population after the last two elections.

On point two, I know that the US gets a few million newcomers each year, but most of them are illegal, and if they were all geniuses, they'd be working in Silicon Valley designing software, not picking lettuce.

I guess I am back to the theory that Phat Phil and his ilk are just pin-heads with a love of unrealistic, overblown rhetoric, and I'd be better off listening to my own farts than any of them.

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