Monday, 10 November 2008

Obama and the youth vote

I know that some political junkies will have a go at me for bringing up the "youth vote" in the recent US election - because there isn't one really, given that most youth are too lazy to get out of bed and vote come election day. Apparantely youth turnout was no greater for this "landmark" election than previous ones.

There goes another myth that was so carefully nurtured during the campaign.

I have listened to a few speeches that Odrama has made, and read a few more online, and not once have I read anything of substance, anything of meaning or anything that really said something.

I guess that's the prejudice of my personality type showing through - I hate all wafflers and dissemblers. I like being told things directly and succinctly. I like facts and analysis, not high-minded waffle and vacuous vapidity.

Will anyone remember a single word that the Odroner has uttered in 50 years time? Will any of his speeches resonate down the years, like those of Churchill or Kennedy or Martin Luther King?

I doubt it.

Puffery and fluff leave no impact, they leave no trace, they leave not even a shadow of their passing.

This all came to me in a blinding flash on Sunday. Junior had gone for a bike ride with 3 buddies, all aged around 12, and they dropped in for a drink after an hour or so. I listened to their conversation for about a minute, and could take no more. Boys of that age say nothing meaningful - they throw words at each other in an attempt to big note themselves. It is not something that will lead to the betterment of the universe. It is as shallow as the cap on a beer bottle.

It struck me then that the things that irritated me about listening to four juveniles were the same things that I find irritating with Ofluffer. "Hope and change" is not meaningful like "E=MC2". Hope and change is a lyric which has simply been repeated endlessly, like "all you need is love".

Spare me whilst I vomit.

All the Beatles gave us was a lot of screaming women, a nasty outbreak of VD and after a few years, the worst facial hair to grace the faces of Europeans since Erik the Viking and his pals were raping and pillaging everything within sailing distance of Oooslavgovblard.

Oprompter isn't likely to be any better.

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what's an agronomist? said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Media reports breathlessly exulted in Obama's oratory, but the accompanying soundbite was yet more waffle. Most people have never heard a good speech, so they mistake high-tone bulls*&t for the real thing.