Saturday 7 July 2012

One reason why the carbon tax is so useless

From here:

I’ve included the US emissions, because they show a very important point. If we were able somehow magically to reduce our emissions to their 1980 levels, that reduction would be offset by the Chinese gains in one single year. In other words, what the US does is meaningless in global terms.

The US economy is about 14 times larger than the Australian economy. If efforts by the US are made meaningless by Chinese emissions, how stupidly pathetic are our efforts to reduce emissions via a tax on carbon dioxide?


Anonymous said...

Australia's contribution to CO2 is .0001 % of f*ck-all. The only purpose is the warm inner-glow of greenies.

Jeff said...

As the economic and political leader of the world, it t would be a powerful symbol for the U.S. to reduce CO2 emissions. Beyond that, it will make us stronger to transition before we are forced to do so by forces beyond our control. And, we should do something to reduce our emissions to do our part in saving the planet.