Tuesday 12 April 2011

Tuesday photos

Slept in a bit this morning - normally, this starts happening at the end of the week when I'm absolutely toasted after 4 days of back and forth. Must be the cold & flu tablets I took before  hitting the sack. The sun had been up for too long to get a properly spectacular morning shot.

Lots of rowers out this morning though, and as the tide was right up, they were closer to the banks than usual - I even managed to get a half descent photo of a couple of crews.

It was cold enough this morning to require a jacket and leg warmers - although I shed the jacket after a few miles. I won't be wearing the leg warmers in the morning - left the bloody things hanging up at work. After 6 months of not wearing them, I'm not in the habit of packing them for the trip home. I needed the leg warmers - even though I got up late, it was still only 12 degrees when I left home.

I worked a bit later than usual today, so I got a few dusky photos on the way home.

But here's a morning shot, just to mix things up. The skinny bugger on the right is blasting past us two hubbards.

Chasing the tram on the way home.

A recumbent - haven't seen one of these in ages. A very rare sight on the commute. More come out on the weekends though.

For some reason, the camera went all macro on me for this shot - although it's a wipe out of a photo, it does have some artistic merit.

Night time riding - the chip on the camera is so good as sucking in light, it makes almost complete darkness look like the sun is still partly up.

Another macro photo - my fingers must be wandering all over the camera when I turn it on. Must do better tomorrow.

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