Tuesday 5 April 2011

Tuesday photos

I thought the weather forecast said something about being sunny this week. Obviously, my comprehension skills leave something to be desired. Today was the first day the spray jacket came out of the cupboard for the year - I'm still in two minds about whether I needed it. It was almost fully open for the last part of the ride, even though that was when it was raining the heaviest. When I got to work, it was as wet on the inside from sweat as it was on the outside from rain.

I don't get people who ride in the gloomy overcast when you can hardly see a thing, and they dress in black from head to foot and don't have any lights. Bloody ninjas.

Not a good place to try and take a photo. As I quickly discovered, I needed both hands on the brakes to slow down in the rain at the bottom of this curving bridge. Almost ended in disaster.

Crossing the ANZAC Bridge for some people is hard work - this guy was out of the saddle, pumping like a maniac, whilst I was idling along behind him, sitting down comfortably with one hand on the bars and the other on the camera. Then it was time to slip the camera away, change up a cog and leave him sucking down my wheel spray.

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