Sunday 10 April 2011

Maybe Gaddafi isn't that crazy

Check out the photos at this link.

I've always thought of Gaddafi as being just slightly sartorially challenged. Having seen those photos, I'm now starting to think that perhaps the entire country is crazy, and he is just a well photographed manifestation of a widespread culture of abnormal dress sense.

Either that, or a few decades of seeing how he dresses has rubbed off on the populace.

It's a chicken and the egg question.


Pedro the Ignorant said...

If these "rebels" aren't done like dinners by Gaddaffi's army I will be astonished.

Even with alleged NATO air support they are a disorganised rag tag rabble.

The worst possible outcome is that these bozos succeed and leave a power vacuum ripe for the ROP fifth column to move in.

I fear this will not end well.

cav said...

I dunno, I seen fellow reservists looking like that after a tough weekend!

Boy on a bike said...

That's how we used to look before every weekend!