Wednesday 6 April 2011

Bitch - and other naughty words

Hordes of luvvies were outraged recently after Tony Abbott was photographed in front of a sign suggesting that our PM was Bob Brown's bitch.

Apparently, that is highly offensive.

Here's a question.

Kevin Rudd is known to have a fearsomely hot temper.

Kevin Rudd is known to swear an awful lot (perhaps ever more than soldiers under fire in Afghanistan).

When Gillard knifed him, what words do you think he used to describe her? Do you think he called her a "noisesome, ungulent lawyer", or do you think he called her something along the lines of "f*cking fat-arsed back-stabbing rug-munching carrot-topped c*nt"?

If he used the latter expression (or something like it), should those same luvvies be outraged and offended, or is it OK for a lefty male (if you can call Rudd a "male") to heap abuse on a lefty female?


1735099 said...

It was the Chinese he abused semi-publicly. If there was any abuse of Gillard it was obviously conducted in discrete privacy.

Boy on a bike said...

Yep - I'm wondering what he said in private.