Thursday, 28 April 2011

More fun as a birther

I'm starting to get the hand of this conspiracy stuff. Here's a blow up of Obama's birth certificate showing two date stamps with funny colourations. Does this mean anything? Who knows. I'm just enjoying the dig.

I've used the "colour picker" tool in to sample the text colours right across the certificate. In almost every area, the black text is, well, black. The black comes out with a Hex value of 1B2D1F, or Red 27, Green 45 and Blue 31.

There are two date stamps on the certificate, and both come out green when the background is removed (see my next post for details on that). Only three bits of text do this - the date stamps and the mother's occupation. And not all of the date stamp comes out green either. The green in each stamp though is a slightly different shade of green. One is a mix of Red 87, Green 111 and Blue 87.

The other is a mix of Red 64, Green 85 and Blue 66.

"Big deal", you say.

Well, maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. But get this - in each date stamp, there are numbers that are black, and they are the same shade of black as almost every single other bit of text on the document. Only the "Non" in "None" and the numbers show here are different.

Here's what I want to know - "Why is this so?", and "Is it meaningful in any way?"

OK, I'll take the tinfoil hat off now.


1735099 said...

Amazing sideshows both - the royal wedding and American politics - especially birthers.....

Anonymous said...

Ha! - There must be something in the air!

After writing this;

I hopped over to have a read of your blog.

I think we both need the tin foil hats!

cav said...

Youse blokes know nuthin'

I remember those date stamps - they had little wheels on them and the date month and year were all on little belts, you had to rotate the knob to change the date, month, year.. then belt it on the ink pad and belt it on the paper, making sure it wasn't upside down.

The ink pad stayed open on the desk and often dried out so you had to as ink, usually pinched from someone else. India ink was the best but any ink would do - so that's how come you ended up with a concoction.

Plus it was open to everything else around it - coffee, donuts, cigarettes - you name it.

That's why the colours don't match bigboy

Boy on a bike said...

I grew up with those stamps, Cav. It was the first thing I thought of. We had lots of them in Dad's office and I loved playing with them.

What got me though is that the ink colour is not consistent across all the numbers and letters. I reckoned the ink would show up differently. I also thought the ink colour on the signature would show up differently, the signature being signed with a pen using different ink to the typewriter, and different coloured ink to the printed form.

Guess what? The letters printed on the form, the letters printed by the typewriter and the signature all have exactly the same colour properties. The "1" in 1961 is the same black as the rest of the form. That shouldn't happen - the black inks would all be slightly different black inks.

I reckon it's been scanned in black and white rather than colour. I wouldn't be surprised if the signatures were actually done with blue ink. You can't get green ink off a scan if you scan in black and white.

cav said...

So maybe itsa fake then?

Does that mean Obama doesn't really exist?