Friday 1 April 2011

Friday photos

People ask me whether I ever feel embarrassed riding around in skin hugging lycra. When i see blokes like this the answer is simple - "No".

"Look Mum, no hands."

If I tried this, I'd swerve off the road and into the drink in about 2 seconds.

Yesterday was a miserable morning to ride to work - it was dark and raining when I left home, and I was in two minds about putting on a spray jacket or not. I decided not to, and wondered whether I was going to regret it. But then I thought, "Harden up, sunshine. You've been through much worse than this, and the rain is almost warm".

Sure enough, five minutes later, I had warmed up nicely and the rain wasn't bothering me at all. In a few months time, when the temperature is just above single digits, it'll be a very different story. But right now, I'm just going to pedal in the rain and do my best to try and enjoy it.

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