Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday photos

Far out, it was frosty this morning - a brisk 13 degrees. OK, compared to winter, that's warm - but it's the shock of the drop from 20 degrees a few weeks ago that's getting to me. Rather than a gentle decline of a degree every few days, the mercury just seems to have plummeted overnight. I'll be searching for the leg warmers if this keeps up. It was total luck that I got the sign in the above photo. The water was really still this morning - what caught my eye was that patch of reflected light way out in the Bay (looks better when blown up).

A couple of blokes making a meal of the last hill coming out of Lilyfield. There's two types of cyclists on this rise - those that are puffing and panting and grinding away like it's Everest, and those that blast up it like it's actually a downslope. I flip flop between the two - legs were fresh this morning, so I snapped these two and whisked past without stopping to draw breath. By Friday, I'll be plodding in a much lower gear.

Someone been shopping from Vogue magazine? That carry bag on the back was quite a piece of work. And check out the basket on the front.

This bloke had a triathlon tag on the back of his bike - wonder if he did the event on the weekend? If so, he backed up really well; he was flying on the trip home. And he looked about 15 years older than me!

The emptiness of this scene caught my eye - until the weekend, HMAS Adelaide was parked at this dock. You can read more about the delays in scuttling it as a dive wreck here.  Alternatively, if you prefer the ABC version, you can read about Aboriginal whale callers here.

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