Thursday 20 October 2011

Thursday photos

These aren't really photos from Thursday - they're just photos I'm putting up on Thursday. The bike had a major mechanical malfunction the other day - it totally not go. I've had things that have slowed me down - broken spokes and broken cables - but rarely something that stops me moving altogether.

It rained just before I left for work on Monday, so I put the spray jacket on.

Of course it didn't rain again for the whole trip, and I had to take it off halfway into town before I expired of heat exhaustion.

On Tuesday, it looked fine - so I didn't bother with the jacket. And then it started raining halfway in.

How's that - a photo of a cyclist right on top of a bike icon.

This is why I like riding to work early in the morning - the views are something else.

1 comment:

kae said...

You really do have excellent sights to feature in your sunrise/sunset pix.
The Opera House, the Anzac Bridge (is that what it's called?)
Love your photos on the water, too.