Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Another reason to dislike bike lanes

Weather has been a bit damp of late - not pouring down, just the odd bit of drizzle. Certainly enough to put the "slip" into slippery road surface.

Cycling isn't made any easier when idiots paint cycle lanes with green paint that is SLIPPERY WHEN WET! What morons thought that idea up? Do they think that cyclists are afraid of water, and never go out in the rain?

I was behind a bloke at the lights last night, and not long after he took off when the light went green, his back wheel almost went out from underneath him as he put down just a bit too much power on greasy green stuff. He went sideways in a nice power slide, managed to stay upright and recovered beautifully. It's not like he was going for broke - we were accelerating at moderate pace up a gentle incline. If cyclists are doing power slides in the drizzle, the friction coefficient of the paint must be negligible.

Funnily enough, I was getting some more work done on the bike today, and all the mechanics in the bike shop were bitching about the useless green paint as well. The mechanics were all string beans - whipcord muscle on a skinny frame - the sort of blokes who have massive power to weight ratios. I imagine they'd find their back wheel breaking out on a regular basis on the stupid green stuff.

Bike lanes are supposed to make life safer for cyclists. I'm so glad that the retards in charge of building them have managed to add a big chunk of risk, and to tilt the balance back to "danger red". Life on a bike was getting too boring.

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Anonymous said...

Bureaucrats don't know what's best in bike lanes...but since they're the government officials, they get to decide anyway!