Wednesday 5 October 2011

The Mark of Chain

Teenager eyed my calf the other day and suddenly got all excited - "Hey, is that a really cool tattoo on your leg".


It was a grease mark from where I'd leaned up against the front cog, which left an arc of black teeth up my calf. It was the Mark of Chain. Or perhaps the Mark of Cog. It's certainly the mark of a filthy bike that needs a wash and degrease.

Teenager wandered off all disappointed. I went to the bathroom where it took a good five minutes of scrubbing with a stiff brush to remove it.


Steve D said...

You might just have inspired a whole new sub-genre: steampunk tatts...

Anonymous said...

Try some dish washing liquid to remove grease. We got a sample-sized bottle of "DAWN" in the mailbox one time. I use it every time I do anything that gets my hands greasy-black from working on the car. A small amount gets the black off in no time. (Even around and under fingernails.) Use it straight, rub, and then rinse it off. No scrubbing brush needed.


Boy on a bike said...

Yeah, I often use pure detergent on my hands to get the grease off - works quite well. Didn't think about using it on my leg.