Tuesday 11 October 2011

Flat out fixing flats

Another day, another flat. Actually, two flats. Amazingly enough, the second occurred at exactly the same place as my last one - I'll have to check that stretch carefully for glass and stuff next time I go past.

The first flat was the result of a puncture patch failing to stick properly. That was the cause of one of my recent flats too - and when I got home and found that out I was ready to kick a few things around the backyard. I was starting to think that I had a shard of glass stuck in the tyre that I hadn't managed to find, but as soon as I put the tube into a bucket of water, bubbles were shooting out from the side of the most recently applied patch.

I've never had this problem with patches before. My prime suspect is the glue - my old tube ran out and I got a new kit not long ago. The old stuff stank - you could get high just by looking at it. The new stuff has no odour and no psychedelic properties. I'm wondering if it's been toned down and therefore doesn't bind properly with the rubber.

My new patch kit also came with sand paper for roughening up the tube - the old kit contained something that looked like a miniature cheese grater, and it really ripped up the rubber.

Either way, it seems like the old stuff was much better.

My resolution for tomorrow is to stop being such a cheap bastard and to go and buy three new tubes. The current ones must have 20 patches between them.

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